The Essential Equipment You Need For A Video Production Shoot

17 March 2023
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Are you a freelancer that is starting out in the world of video production, and you have an upcoming shoot that will require you to rent grip and lighting equipment that you do not own? You'll definitely want to make sure that the following essential items are on your list of gear to rent.


C-stands are an essential item for any video production shoot. They are used to hold up flags, lights, microphones, and various equipment that you'll need to use on set. It's always a good idea to have too many c-stands than not enough because they are a very valuable part of any production. 


If you rent c-stands then you are going to need sandbags. That's because sandbags are put over the legs of the c-stands to weigh them down and prevent them from tipping over. You'll need at least one sandbag for each c-stand, and potentially more if you are using the c-stand to hold heavy equipment.


The flags used in video production are not the same type you see outside on a flagpole. Flags are large items made out of a solid surface material or a fabric that is used to block out light. You can use them to decrease the amount of natural light that is coming in through a window, or shape the light so that it only shines on a particular object. 

Light Kits

A basic light kit is going to have the essential lights that you need for a basic production, such as a background light, key light, and fill light. It will take a lot of planning to ensure that you are renting the right quantity of lights for your production since two productions don't typically have the same equipment needs.


Softboxes are placed over your lights and help diffuse them over a wide space. It prevents harsh shadows from being created on people or the background, prevents bright glares from shining off objects, and makes the lights more comfortable to have in someone's field of vision. 


Reflectors can either be held by hand or attached to a c-stand like a flag. However, what makes a reflector different from a flag is that it is designed to bounce light off another light source. These are frequently used outside when you need to direct the light from the sun towards your subject so that they are lit from the front. 


Gels are thin pieces of translucent plastic that come in various colors. They are placed over your lights to help alter the color of the light. They can do a great job of setting the mood when you need a room filled with a color that is not coming from a traditional light source. 

Reach out to a company that offers grip and lighting equipment rentals to learn more.