Three Reasons To Frame Your Art

17 August 2020
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Whether you make art professionally or just for your own family and friends, your work is valuable and worth displaying. While some artwork is displayable as soon as it is complete, some styles of artwork need to be framed before they can be easily displayed. Although framing services are traditionally used for paintings and photographs, they can also be used for any art pieces that are created with paper-thin materials. You can frame embroidery, paper cut crafts, custom prints, and more. Here are a few of the benefits of using a custom picture framing service to frame your art projects. 

Protect Valuable And Sentimental Art Pieces

You put time, effort, and expensive materials into your artwork, and that makes anything you create valuable by default. But your art pieces are more than the sum of their parts: they have sentimental value, too. Honor their value by protecting them with custom frames. Picture frames do more than just make art pieces displayable. They also protect them from all kinds of damage. Most frames come with glass, plexiglass, or clear plastic inserts that keep dust, dirt, oil, and other contaminants off of art pieces. Some of these inserts have UV-resistant films that prevent discoloration due to sunlight exposure. Your work deserves protection, and the best protection can be found in a high-quality custom frame.

Beautify Your Home With Your Own Work

Custom picture frames should never take away from the art you create. Instead, you should be able to find frames that add to your art with their own beauty. Custom frames vary widely in style, color, and size. Even if you have a relatively small art piece you want to display, you can order a custom frame that is several times larger than the art piece. Since these frames are custom made, the mat inside the frame will still fit your work perfectly. Then, you can choose the mat color that best performs with your work. The frame itself should fit your art, too. Do you want a traditional carved frame, or a simple, streamlined modern frame? With so many options provided by custom framing services, you can completely customize your framed artwork.

Create Timeless Gifts That Look Professional

If you aren't very far into your art career, feeling professional can be difficult. But that doesn't mean you aren't just as professional as any other artist, and your artwork can show it. The next time you give your art as a gift, get it professionally framed. With a custom frame, your work will look as professional and beautiful as it really is, and your loved ones will be able to protect your gift for years to come. 

There are a million reasons you should frame your art. If you want to get started today, talk to a custom picture framing service.