How To Display And Care For Your Wildlife Paintings

9 February 2020
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Wildlife includes majestic creatures that most people rarely get to see outside of nature documentaries. If you want to appreciate their beauty every day, you can bring it home in the form of wildlife paintings. Hanging paintings of outdoor subjects in your home is a great way to celebrate your love of animals and nature. If you're a new art collector, you might be able to use some tips when it comes to actually displaying your paintings. Here are some pointers that will help you display and care for your new wildlife paintings.

1. Use a level to hang your paintings.

Nothing looks more sloppy than a crooked, poorly hung painting. Give your new wildlife painting the consideration it deserves by using a level when you hang it. A simple, inexpensive level can get the job done. Simply place your level atop your painting and adjust as necessary.

2. Have a friend help you.

When you're standing up close and personal to a painting, you won't be able to see if the placement is quite right. Paintings are best observed from a distance in most cases. Get a friend or family member to help you hang your new painting. They can let you know if you should raise or lower it, or if you need to move it left or right.

3. Keep the furniture in mind.

Paintings can look great when hung over a sofa or loveseat, but make sure you hang them out of the way where they won't get damaged by people leaning against the wall. When choosing where to place your paintings in the room, keep the furniture in mind. Make sure the paintings are visible from many vantage points in the room, without lamps or other tall pieces of furniture obstructing the view. Think of your wildlife paintings as something to tie the whole room together and plan your layout accordingly.

4. Choose a great frame.

Paintings are typically sold unframed, which means you get to decide whether or not you'd like to frame the art piece you bring home. The right frame can complement your painting and make it look even better. Rustic wooden frames can look especially good around paintings of natural subjects like wildlife. If you prefer a colored frame, you may want to choose a color that echoes some of the hues used in the painting itself. The harmony can add a very nice effect.

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