Three Factors To Consider When Having An Important Picture Framed

8 May 2015
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If you have a photo that means something to you, there's no better place for it than on your wall. In order to display it beautifully, you'll first need to have it framed -- and choosing the perfect frame is not as simple as it may sound. Keep these factors in mind to ensure you choose a frame that really does your photo justice.

Do you want matting, or no matting at all?

Some matting between the picture and the frame can really help make the picture stand out on your wall. However, it's not always necessary. If your picture is small and you plan on choosing a frame that really contrasts the colors in your photo, you can probably do without matting if you prefer. You should always use matting if:

  • You're choosing a frame that's similar in color to the main colors in the picture. A contrasting matting color will help the picture stand out.
  • The picture is quite small and would look miniscule on your wall if you simply framed and hung it.
  • The picture captures a simplistic scene and you're hoping to create more elegant final piece. Matting adds elegance.

Should your frame contrast the colors in the picture, or coordinate with them?

This is related to the question of whether or not to use matting. If you opt not to use matting, you will want to pick a frame that contrasts the colors in the photo, so the photo stands out more. If you're using matting, you can choose either contrasting or coordinating colors, based on preference. Many people like to pick a color that's present only in small amounts in the photo and use that color for the frame. This tends to draw the color out of the photo and make it look more balanced.

Do you want the frame to be a part of the artwork, or simply a casing for it?

If you want your photo in and of itself to be presented as the piece of art, choose a subtle frame that does not call attention to itself. One made from natural wood or plain, black painted wood is a good choice. On the other hand, if you want the entire framed photo to be considered the art piece, then choose a frame with character. One with gold accents, a few painted-on embellishments, or a hand-carved pattern is ideal.

By answering the questions above before you start shopping for frames, you make the job a lot easier by paring down the choices to those that are well suited to your photo and visions. For more information, contact a local framing company like It's Worth Framing