Custom Picture Framing | 5 Words You Need To Know

16 September 2022
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Custom picture framing can be a bit of a mystery for those who are not familiar with the jargon. Here's what you need to know to demystify some common terms used in the custom picture framing industry.  Moulding While the word molding describes that science project in the back of your refrigerator, moulding (with the letter u) is the word used to describe the wood or metal frame around your artwork. Read More 

Everything You Need To Know About Paint And Sip Classes

25 May 2022
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Paint and sip classes are a fun new trend. If you haven't tried one, you're missing out! These classes are all about having a good time while painting. Curious about what exactly goes on during paint and sip classes? Here's everything you need to know! What is a paint and sip class? A paint and sip class is exactly what it sounds like—a painting class that also involves drinking! These classes are usually held at bars or restaurants, and they're the perfect way to spend an evening with friends. Read More 

Compelling Benefits Of Seeing An Art Therapist

12 January 2022
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There are many different types of therapy for mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and grief. Art therapy has recently been starting to show a lot of promise. If used correctly, it can provide a couple of key benefits. Reduce Stress The actual act of making art is very therapeutic. You get to focus on strictly the arts, whether it's painting, drawing, or sculpting. That is going to help you find a more peaceful state of mind, and over time, any stress you had before sessions with an art therapist will slowly start to fade. Read More