Breaking Down The Final Post-Production Estimate For Your Video

14 September 2020
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In the process of having a content production agency bid on your video? You'll likely receive an estimate with a budget breakdown, which explains exactly how they arrived at that final dollar amount. Here is what some of those categories are so that you know what you'll be paying for if you move forward. Media Preparation And Processing The first stage of post-production involves preparing all of the media to get going. Read More 

Three Reasons To Frame Your Art

17 August 2020
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Whether you make art professionally or just for your own family and friends, your work is valuable and worth displaying. While some artwork is displayable as soon as it is complete, some styles of artwork need to be framed before they can be easily displayed. Although framing services are traditionally used for paintings and photographs, they can also be used for any art pieces that are created with paper-thin materials. You can frame embroidery, paper cut crafts, custom prints, and more. Read More 

Tips For Hiring Creative Consulting For Films

8 July 2020
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The United States film industry is predicted to be worth about $50 billion in 2020, and it can be expected to expand due to the launch and growth of several streaming services. There's so much opportunity for a movie production company to win big at the box office or with digital downloads and rentals when you take the process seriously every step of the way. Investing in creative consulting for films is an excellent way to put out the best quality product. Read More 

How To Display And Care For Your Wildlife Paintings

9 February 2020
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Wildlife includes majestic creatures that most people rarely get to see outside of nature documentaries. If you want to appreciate their beauty every day, you can bring it home in the form of wildlife paintings. Hanging paintings of outdoor subjects in your home is a great way to celebrate your love of animals and nature. If you're a new art collector, you might be able to use some tips when it comes to actually displaying your paintings. Read More 

How To Be Your Video Editor’s Favorite Client

26 December 2019
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Are you working with a video production company to create a video for you? If so, the video will eventually need to go through post production, where you'll work with a video editor to bring the whole thing together. The editing process can be long and challenging, and it helps to have a good relationship with your editor so that things go smoothly. Here are some tips that can help you become your video editor's favorite client. Read More